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Perfect No-Fail Rice Every Time

Super delicious, perfect rice is easy to make. It is a skill that most everyone can learn. Just follow these simple steps and soon creating perfect rice will seem like second nature. And once that happens you'll soon be known as a Rice Cooking Queen.


For years I fumbled around in the kitchen struggling to make a good pot of rice. Well, it isn't about the rice cooker or even so-much about the recipe. It is all about 7 small, yet, very important steps that makes or breaks the final results. I promise you will always end up with remarkably delicious rice once you get the hang of this recipe. So come along and learn the little tricks that will reinvent your reputation into the ultimate, all knowing..., 'Rice Goddness.'


Chef's Note:

One of the important keys to great rice is a vigorous boil before adding the rice, the other very important key is to close the pan very tightly while the rice is resting over a very low heat. There are several different methods to accomplish this. In this recipe we've highlighted a very tight and well fitting lid. However you choose to create the closed environment for your rice to rest and steep, the two important factors to consider are safety, and that however you do it, that it will allow the rice to cook slowly with the very least amount of steam and heat escaping.

bon appétit !



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