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Old Fashioned Soft Molasses Cookies

Even as a child, I can still remember that this recipe was worn and torn when my grandmother passed it down to my mother. The story goes that it is over 200 years old. Years ago, there was a time when this was a very popular and common cookie to have baking in most everyone's kitchen. So take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy the simple pleasure of such an old, old-fashioned soft and yummy gingerbread cookie.


Simply follow the easy directions step-by-step and these heavenly little confections will turn out perfectly. And perhaps this time-honored recipe will become a favorite in your family too!


Chef's Note:

My advise with this recipe is to follow the directions closely step-by-step and it is very important to keep all the ingredients at the same temperature so that everything incorporates together very well. I have used all cold ingredients and the cake baked up wonderfully. Just remember to keep all ingredients at the same temperature so that your fabulous batter will whip-up perfectly.

The two easily avoidable issues are firstly, that the batter can curdle when the ingredients are different temperatures, and secondly, the type of flour really does matter when baking confections. For biscuits and confections we always recommend either Whitelily flour or cake flour. These are the only two important tips that must be followed to create this wonderful cake. Have fun and enjoy!

bon appétit !



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