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Buttery Mushroom Gravy & Pork Chops

If you enjoy pork chops sauted in a buttery skillet, you'll be spell-bound with how easy and delicious this pork chops and gravy recipe is to create. Included with this recipe is the chef's technique to simple, yet amazing, french roux gravy.


This dish is a time-saver because it turns out perfect, lump free, and amazingly-delicious gravy fast and with ease! In this recipe you'll learn the professional's secret technique for lifting an ordinary pork chop dish into a heavenly smoothered pork chop that no one can resist.


Chef's Note:

Learn this simple process and instantly you'll upgrade your cooking skills to new heights! This process, more than any other is the technique that lifted me from a good cook to a top-notch pro. I take every opportunity I can to utilize this method in as many dishes as I possibly can. When it comes to main dishes, this method is a hallmark of 'minimal work, big rewards!'

Bon Appetit -
Buttery Mushroom Gravy & Pork Chops -
Chicken Cordon Bleu is a well-known Classic French Dish that has been adopted here in the US because of its elegant taste and presentation, and also because it is beyond simple to create.


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