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Shockingly Delicious No-Egg Hollandaise

Ready to get floored!?! This 'no-egg' gourmet sauce is healthy, amazing, and will up-grade your cooking skills to Eleven! "Don't believe me? Try it for yourself, and if you end up getting addicted, can't say you weren't warned!"


Try this egg-free gourmet sauce and you'll never serve a naked dish again!


Chef's Note:

For this recipe, the lemon pepper is what I would refer to as the wild-card. It is fine to dial-it-up even more than called for, according to your personal flavor preference. The amount indicated in this recipe is basically a suggestion amount. When I am creating this sauce I keep the lemon pepper close at hand. Just be careful as you sprinkle it on not to drown out the more hidden taste aspects of this amazing sauce.

Again, the object is to enjoy how all the flavors come together to create this interesting flavor harmony. Use the lemon pepper to zip up the tang, but take care not to over sprinkle or it will begin to over-power the other more subtle 'background' notes... And most of all, have fun with it. Enjoy adding this sauce to ordinary dishes, and watching how this sauce can really zip'em-up...

bon appétit !


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11 de mar.
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Very good and easy. Just as promised.


03 de fev. de 2023
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Amazing is right! Pow! I have tried this Hollandaise with chicken. Can't wait to try it with salmon!

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