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Spicy Buttered Lemon Lime Catfish

One bite and you'll agree that this delicious catfish dish is good enough to be included, even for special occasions. Along with the butter and spices, the fresh citrus juice adds an extra tangy twist that really boosts-up the flavor. We matched-up this recipe with our Spicy Garlic Butter recipe (also included here) and they complemented each other extremely well.


The breading in this recipe is extra delicious because

it absorbs all the great flavors

in the recipe.


Chef's Note:

Always use freshly grated carrots in all your carrot cake recipes. Freshly grated carrots are super moist and integrates well with the other ingredients. A moist thick creamy batter with lots of super moist carrot is what we need to produce a deliciously thick and moist carrot cake. The pre-shredded carrots are just not moist enough to give us the robust moistness that a great carrot cake needs. So, to get the very best results, always begin with the freshest, moistest grated carrot possible.

bon appétit !


Savory & Delicious



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