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Almond Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

These buttery little shortbread cookies are full of flavor and simple to make. And the sweet pillow of raspberry jam in the middle creates a yummy treat inside a delicious cookie, which is why these cookies are so beloved.


This recipe offers raspberry as the filling, but if there is another flavor that steals your heart, go for it. Make these sweet treats your own and customize them to suit your taste.


Chef's Note:

As a general rule, here in the US we tend to measure our flour rather than weigh it. And the correct way to measure is to spoon it into a measuring cup, then level it off with a knife or other straight object. This method will help to assure that too much flour isn't added to the recipe. Too much flour may throw-off the texture of the cookies, causing them to be dry rather than soft and tender. The main point is not to pack the flour, but rather spoon it in and level it off, and this method goes for all baking not just cookies.

When it comes to shortbread cookies, you want to avoid overbaking them because they can end up crunchy and dry. I suggest baking these cookies for about 12-14 minutes, you’ll know they’re done when the bottoms are a very light golden brown. I suggest reaching in with a fork or knife and just barely lifting a cookie to take a peek underneath. When a slight bit of golden brown is detected that is an indication they are ready to come out of the oven. It doesn't hurt to give them another minute or 2 but you certainly do not want to over bake them. Shortbread is at its best when it the bottoms are a very light golden brown.

Bon Appetit -
Almond Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Easy to make, full of flavor, a perfect cookie all year round and especially during the holiday season. Enjoy!



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