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Easy Classic Peach Cobbler

A Classic Peach Cobbler that almost everyone has tried at least once. Nothing Fancy– Just an outstanding family dessert that even the kids can easily put together in 5 or 10 minutes.


Enjoy a trip down memory lane as you go step-by-step through this simple recipe and bake a peach cobbler for your family. Sweet peaches nestled in deliciously warm wet cake, nothing could be finer.


Chef's Note:

Add the egg or leave it out... either way this dessert turns out perfect every time. There truly is nothing else so wonderful as a scoop of vanilla ice cream atop of this heavenly treat! After preparing a complicated gourmet feast it's wonderful to wrap it up with a dessert that is also very delicious, but still, rediculously easy to put together. And for me, that is this dessert, good enough to serve with a fine meal but very easy to create!

Bon Appetit -

Gather up the family and go step-by-step to enjoy sweet peaches nestled in deliciously warm wet cake. There truly is nothing else so wonderful!




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