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General Tso's Baked Chicken

Our General Tos Chicken recipe has all the flavor that America loves, but with none of the frying. Of course this recipe can be fried, but why would you, when you can have all the delicious flavor without frying.


General Tos Chicken is actually not an Asian dish, but rather an American dish that has been adopted, here in the US, by Chinese restaurants? Surprising but true. Try our baked version of this much loved dish. You just might be surprised how tasty baked General Tos Chicken can be.


Chef's Note:

The French are known to add everything from just cheese and a few slices of tomato, to piles of seafood and plenty of different white and golden cheeses to mingle together as they melt. The more you pile on your favorites, the more you'll love this French staple. Be inventive and make it your own, and this recipe will become one of your all-time favorites.

bon appétit !


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