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Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Bring these classic and beautiful cupcakes to your next potluck and they'll get noticed because just-about everyone loves perfectly baked carrot cake cupcakes. And as we all know, the fresh cream cheese frosting piled up over them adds another level of deliciousness to this sweet, moist mini dessert.


So time to get out your cupcake baking pans and whip-some-up. Simple and delicious carrot cupcakes, always a winner, no matter what else the crowd might be bringing.


Chef's Note:

Always use freshly grated carrots in all your carrot cake recipes. Freshly grated carrots are super moist and integrates well with the other ingredients. A moist thick creamy batter with lots of super moist carrot is what we need to produce a deliciously thick and moist carrot cake. The pre-shredded carrots are just not moist enough to give us the robust moistness that a great carrot cake needs. So, to get the very best results, always begin with the freshest, moistest grated carrot possible.

bon appétit !



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