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Amazingly Easy & Delicious Spanish Rice

Grandma will be jealous when you pull-out this amazing dish of Spanish rice at your next family gathering. But perhaps she'll get over it when she takes her first bite. So remember to keep a copy of this recipe handy as a peace offering, to help smooth out the wrinkle this crazy good, and super easy recipe might cause. But be forewarned, once you make it..., you'll be hooked!


There is no chopping and no guess work here.

Just pour in the goodness, cook and enjoy!


Chef's Note:

One of the important keys to great rice is a vigorous boil before adding the rice, the other very important key is to close the pan very tightly while the rice is resting over a very low heat. To accomplish this, I have come up with a method were I securely place a stainless steal mixing bowl upside-down over the top of the pan's lid and then place a small weighted block of marble over the flat part of the upside-down bowl. The mixing bowl I use for this method has a very large flat bottom. Whichever way you choose to create the closed environment for your rice to rest and steep, the two important factors to consider are safety, and that however you do it, that it will allow the rice to cook slowly with the very least amount of steam and heat escaping.

bon appétit !


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This is my new favorite! Great Spanish Rice recipe. Wonderful comfort food!

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