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Eggless Vanilla Custard

This exceptional recipe creates an easy and fool-proof custard with a creamy texture and plenty of rich flavor, yet eliminates the challenge of tempering eggs.

Traditionally, custard is a creamy pudding sauce made with milk, egg, and sugar. The tempered eggs thicken and flavor the custard and of course the sugar gives it that much beloved sweetness. In this recipe we have eliminated the need for tempering the eggs by replacing the eggs with corn flour. And we also found that adding a few teaspoons of (the standard Jello brand or off brand puddings) pudding powder gives this eggless custard the authentic custard flavor along with a bit more thickening.

To make this creamy eggless custard, simply simmer on a medium to low heat until the sauce begins to bubble slightly and the custard thickens.

Basic custard is used as a dessert, a topping, or as a filling for other desserts; ice cream is made with custard as its base.


Eggless Vanilla Custard


  • 5 cups milk

  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream

  • ¾ cup sugar

  • 5 tablespoons corn flour

  • 3 teaspoon vanilla pudding, instant or regular, Jello brand or off brand pudding powder

  • Pinch of nutmeg, optional

  • 2 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. In a medium sauce pan over low heat stir the first 5 ingredients, and nutmeg if using, leaving the vanilla extract to be added later.

  2. Stir or whisk mixture constantly to ensure the corn flour and pudding stays smooth and lump free.

  3. Turn the heat to medium and slowly bring the mixture to a simmering slow boil while continuing to stir or whisk constantly. Stirring or whisking continuously will ensure that the custard is smooth and lump free.

  4. As the custard begins to slowly bubble, turn the heat to low and continue whisking.

  5. Once the custard has thickened, turn off the heat, add the vanilla extract, and continue to briskly whisk the thickened custard for another minute or so.

  6. Transfer the custard to a covered bowl to cool, serve as desired.



How to Make This Delicious Custard Thick Enough to Pipe

  • Cover the custard in a well sealed, air-tight container and allow it to get very cold, but not frozen.

  • Once very cold, with a hand mixer or stand mixer, beat the pudding while adding one stick of cold butter to the pudding, one teaspoon at a time, until the mixture reaches a fluffy texture.

  • Place the custard back in the refrigerator until it becomes thick enough to pipe.



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